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The government of a community is called...
a) state government
b) national government
c) local government

The leader of a community is called...
a) mayor
b) governor
c) president

Who does the mayor work with to make community decisions?
a) The Library
b) City Council
c) Friends

What is the money that people pay to support their government called?
a) taxes
b) tokens
c) games

The leader of a state is called a...
a) president
b) governor
c) councilperson

What building does a governor work in?
a) school
b) capitol
c) police station

The state government makes all of the state's...
a) laws
b) parties
c) dinners

What state do we live in?
a) New York
b) New Hampshire
c) New Jersey

What is New Jersey's governor's name?
a) Chris Christie
b) Will Willie
c) Tom Tommy

Do state and local governments work separately or together?
a) They work together.
b) They work separately.

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