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High tides occur during which moon phase/s
a) new moon and full moon
b) full moon only
c) 1st quarter
d) new moon only

compared to white dwarf stars, red giant stars are usually
a) cooler, larger and dimmer
b) warmer, larger and dimmer
c) cooler, larger and more luminous
d) warmer, smaller and more luminous

What helps prove the earth revolves around the sun?
a) the coriolis effect
b) we experience day and night
c) constellations remain stationary throughout the year
d) constellations change throughout the year

what helps prove the universe is expanding?
a) we see a red shift in stars\' spectrums
c) we see no change in a stars spectrum
d) we see a blue shift in stars spectrums

A good reflector of insolation would be
a) light colored and rough surface
b) light colored and smooth surface
c) dark colored and smooth surface
d) dark colored and rough surface

When the northern hemisphere is tilted AWAY from the sun,the date would be
a) june 21
b) march 21
c) september 21
d) december 21

On December 21, the sun rises
a) SW
b) NW
c) SE
d) NE

If Polaris had an altitude of 38 degrees, where would an observer be standing?
a) 38N
b) Tropic of Capricorn
c) Tropic of Cancer
d) 38S

Which location receives 12 hours of day and night all year long?
a) Tropic of Cancer
b) Equator
c) The north and south poles
d) Tropic of Capricorn

Describe the direction of wind flow in a low pressure system
a) counter-clokwise and out of the low
b) clockwise and out of the low
c) clockwise and into the low
d) counter-clockwise and into the low

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