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How did the Arabs living in Palestine in 1948 feel about the creation of the new nation of Israel?
a) They supported it fully
b) They rejected it as unfair to them
c) The Arab population in Palestine was largely unaffected by the new state
d) They agreed to try to work it out although they were unhappy about the decision

What country did U.S. forces enter to look for the terrorist leader Osama bin Laden?
a) Iran
b) Israel
c) Kuwait
d) Afghanistan

What terrorist organization was Osama bin Laden the leader of?
a) Isis
b) Al Qaeda
c) Shia
d) Zionist

What large empire broke up after WW I?
a) Roman Empire
b) Arabic Empire
c) Ottoman Empire
d) Aztec Empire

Who wanted to rid the world of “its Jewish problem”?
a) Osama Bin Laden
b) Saddam Hussein
c) Adolph Hitler
d) Zionists

The nation of Israel was established in
a) part due to the Holocaust that killed millions of Jews
b) part to a huge donation of money to the U.S.
c) the best interest of the Palestinian people
d) retaliation for Arab riots in SW Asia

The U.S. was involved in the Persian Gulf War because ________.
a) Terrorists attacked the U.S.
b) Iraq invaded Kuwait
c) Israel established a modern state in Palestine
d) President George W. Bush thought Iraq’s leader had weapons of mass destruction

Within 3 months after 9/11, the U.S. launched a “War on Terror” leading an international invasion of _____.
a) Iran
b) Iraq
c) Persian Gulf
d) Afghanistan

Which of the following were supportive of the creation of modern day Israel?
a) Zionists
b) Arabs
c) Palestinians
d) Anti-Semitists

Anti-Semitism is _____________.
a) Jewish Nationalism
b) one of several religions in SW Asia
c) racism against Jewish people
d) a movement in support of Israel

11) Where did the Ottoman Empire begin in 1299?
a) Turkey
b) Africa
c) Iraq
d) Italy

12) Who was the leader of Iraq’s government when the country was overthrown during Operation Iraqi Freedom?
a) Osama bin Laden
b) Adolph Hitler
c) Saddam Hussein
d) Stalin

13) Who are the “Taliban”?
a) the government of Turkey
b) the government of Kuwait
c) a group of radical Muslims
d) a part of the United Nations

What is the world’s main economic interest in SW Asia?
a) petroleum
b) tourism
c) trade routes
d) selling American-made products

15) The Ottoman Empire helped spread which religion?
a) Judaism
b) Hinduism
c) Christianity
d) Islam

16) What two countries divided up the land that remained of the Ottoman Empire and created problems that have persisted into the Middle East today?
a) France and Spain
b) Germany and Ireland
c) Britain and France
d) Georgia and China

17) Conflicts over what two main things are continuing problems in the Middle East today?
a) flags and symbols
b) land and religion
c) dance and songs
d) food and clothing

Which terrorist group was responsible for the attacks on 9/11?
a) Isis
b) Nazis
c) Al Qaeda
d) Kurds

When did Israel become a nation?
a) June 21, 1999
b) May 14, 2016
c) October 31, 1948
d) May 14, 1948

What was the name of the tragic event in history, where over 6 million Jews were exterminated by the German Nazis?
b) Holocaust
c) Nationalism
d) Terrorism

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