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Which is true of all plants and animals?
a) All are made of cells.
b) All can manufacture thier own food.
c) All can learn and change behavior.
d) All can move on their own from place to place.

Which of these is made up of cells?
a) Soil
b) Onions
c) Salt
d) Bread

The internal parts of a cell are suspended in a jelly-like liquid called the
a) nucleus
b) cytoplasm
c) cell membrane
d) chloroplasts

This pond contains fish, snails, and insects. Pond plants and algae make oxygen. Which of the following is a population of the pond?
a) fish eating plants
b) insects, fish, and algae
c) algae and seaweeds
d) one kind of fish

An organism which feeds on only consumers is
a) a carnivore
b) a herbivore
c) an omnivore
d) a producer

Decomposers are helpful to the food chain because they
a) prey on carnivores
b) make their own food
c) provide nutrients for the soil
d) are food for carnivores

Which of the following is not a consumer?
a) omnivore
b) herbivore
c) producer
d) carnivore

Wild deer live in Daniel Boone National Forest. What would make the deer population smaller?
a) people moving away from the area
b) planting new trees where old ones were cut
c) building ponds in some of the forest clearings
d) introducing grey wolves to the area

The removal of a predator from a food web
a) may allow the numbers of its prey to increase
b) is always good for the ecosystem
c) increases the amount of food available to that predator's prey
d) allows the consumers of that predator to increase

Which is the main role of fungi and bacteria in a food web?
a) producers that make thier own food
b) predators that consume living herbivores for food
c) prey for consumers that hunt for their food
d) decomposers of once living material

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