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The _______________ceremony was performed quietly and with great dignity.
a) obrusive
b) solemn
c) parsimonious
d) fledgling

When he found out that his wife had moved out and taken the children he was hopelessly________________.
a) obtrusive
b) partisan
c) serene
d) forlorn

People thought he was crazy for studying in a mausoleum but he found the quiet to be very_____________________.
a) parsimonious
b) blasphemous
c) partisan
d) serene

Even though he was wealthy, he was so___________________________that he wouldn't even give a dime to a beggar.
a) solemn
b) parsimonious
c) forlorn
d) scrupulous

Jacob really likes my collection of old cereal boxes, so I have decided to _________________________them to him in my will.
a) equivocate
b) sequester
c) bequeath
d) behoove

We all knew that he cussed a lot, but when he started making ___________________________________remarks about Christians, they decided to ask him to leave.
a) blasphemous
b) parsimonious
c) serene
d) solemn

His _______________________small business grew into a multinational corporate empire worth $6 billion.
a) serene
b) fledgling
c) blasphemous
d) solemn

Even in her late 70's, grandma never lost her_____________________for a good game of poker.
a) euphemism
b) eulogy
c) fervor
d) aversion

Movies about vampires, exorcisms, wizards and zombies all reflect a growing preoccupation with the________________________.
a) solemn
b) blasphemous
c) occult
d) esoteric

Unfortunately, politics today has become far too__________________________ to the point where people worry more about being re-elected rather than doing what's best for their country.
a) parsimonious
b) solemn
c) blasphemous
d) partisan

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