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Which of the following are examples of landforms?
a) mountains and canyons
b) cliffs and sand dunes
c) volcanoes and deltas
d) all of the above

Which of these is not a layer of our planet?
a) mantle
b) magma
c) core
d) crust

Why do the plates on Earth’s surface move?
a) In the mantle, magma constantly rises and sinks, making the crust move.
b) Meteors constantly hit the surface, making the mantle shake.
c) The spin of the planet causes vibrations that set the plates in motion.
d) Very hot metals inside Earth’s core act like magnets and pull the plates in different directions.

Which statement about Earth’s plate movements is true?
a) When two continental plates collide, a trench will always form.
b) When two continental plates collide, mountains can form as a result of the land being pushed up.
c) When an oceanic plate and a continental plate collide, the continental plate will probably go under the oceanic plate.
d) Earthquakes happen when a continental or oceanic plate moves over a hot spot.

Which statement about landforms is false?
a) Landforms can form when Earth’s plates move toward or away from each other.
b) Plants and people sometimes change landforms.
c) Sand dunes, deltas, and peninsulas are all examples of landforms.
d) Landforms always change very slowly, often over millions of years.

The melted rock beneath Earth’s surface is called
a) lava
b) magma
c) volcanic rock
d) metamorphic rock

What role does ice play in changing landforms?
a) Water can get into cracks and freeze, making rocks split apart.
b) Glaciers can carve out U-shaped valleys and transport rocks over long distances.
c) Both A and B are true
d) Neither A nor B is true

Which event would probably change landforms the most?
a) a child digging in the dirt
b) people in a neighborhood deciding to cut down all their trees
c) a construction truck flattening some land to build a new store
d) a dam breaking and sending a mudslide down a mountain

Which kind of rock forms when the heat and pressure in Earth’s mantle make it change?
a) metamorphic
b) sedimentary
c) igneous
d) none of the above

Which of the following is formed when two continental plates collide?
a) mountain
b) oceanic trench
c) island
d) canyon

Which of the following is formed when a continental plate and oceanic plate collide?
a) mountain
b) oceanic trench
c) canyon
d) island

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