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What is the proper order for the steps of the scientific method?
a) hypothesis, experiment, question, observation, data, conclusion
b) question, experiment, data, hypothesis,conclusion, observation
c) observation, question, hypothesis, experiment, conclusion, data
d) observation, question, hypothesis, experiment, data, conclusion

Which of the following characteristics means to obtain and use nutrients and energy, includes eating, breathing, digesting and excreting?
a) evoultion
b) homeostasis
c) metabolism
d) reproduction

Which is not a characteristic of all living things?
a) having one or more cells
b) maintaining a stable internal environment
c) obtaining and using energy
d) moving from place to place

Which of the following is the correct sequence going from simplest to most complex?
a) cells, organs, tissues, organ systems, organisms
b) cells, organs, organ systems, tissues, organisms
c) cells, tissues, organs, organ systems, organism
d) cells, tissues, organ systems, organs, organism

Human body temperature is an example of this characteristic.
a) growth and development
b) evolution
c) homeostasis
d) metabolsim

Which of the following characteristics refers to change that takes place over the lifespan of an organism?
a) evolution
b) growth and development
c) homeostasis
d) metabolism

A scientific explanation or prediction is known as a(n)
a) experiment
b) hypothesis
c) observation
d) theory

The part of an experiment in which all conditions are kept the same is the
a) constants
b) control
c) dependent variable
d) independent variable

The part of the experiment that works the way you expect it to and is used as a comparison is known as the
a) constants
b) control
c) dependent variable
d) independent variable

In order to maintain homeostasis it is important for an animal to be able to
a) change its habitat
b) hide from its predators
c) attack its enemies
d) respond to its environment

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