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a star-like symbol
a) asterisk
b) astronomy
c) astrology
d) asteriod

Bony spurs that are a sign of arthritis
a) lipping
b) leading staff
c) caliper
d) clavicle

A precise measuring instrument used by forensic anthropologist
a) calipers
b) clavicle
c) astronomy
d) astrology

The scientific name for the collarbone
a) clavicle
b) caliper
c) soil stains
d) epiphyses

JR1225B had a broken one of these
a) clavicle
b) epiphyses
c) asteriod
d) asterisk

A space traveler
a) astronaut
b) pedestal
c) archaeologist
d) forensic anthropologist

Any of the small, rock-like planets
a) asteriods
b) soil stains
c) lipping
d) clavicle

the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural
a) astrology
b) astronomy
c) calipers
d) clavicle

the study of celestial objects and processes the physics, chemistry, and evolution of such objects and processes
a) astronomy
b) astrology
c) archaeology
d) anthropology

Metallic pins used to secure shrouds for burial
a) shroud pins
b) leading staff
c) soil stains
d) epiphyses

Ceremonial iron pike held by high-ranking officials Clavicle*collarbone
a) leading staff
b) shroud pins
c) pedestaling
d) lipping

These two sciences are alike because they both involve celestial objects
a) astrology and astronomy
b) astrology and archaeology
c) astronomy and forensic anthropology
d) anthropology and sociology

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