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What surprised Greg after giving a talk about the CAI to people at a sports store ?
a) He found a $20,000.00 donation in an envelope on a chair.
b) The people were angry and disagreed strongly with his message.
c) The store owner asked him to give the speech to others the next day.
d) The store owner donated sports equipment to the schools.

What were the red stones Greg spotted when he tried to escape from the tunnel?
a) warnings that there were land mines in that area
b) several rupees for Greg to gather
c) stop signs
d) painted gravesites

What caused Greg to hide under a pile of rotting goatskins?
a) He had been caught in the middle of a drug smuggler battle and had to escape.
b) He was hiding from Osama bin Laden.
c) He was getting out of Zuudkhan because of September 11th.
d) He didn't want Changazi to see him.

Who are two people Amira Motenson was able to meet?
a) Oprah Winfrey and Jane Goodall
b) President Clinton and Hilary Clinton
c) President Bush and Laura Bush
d) President Obama and Michelle Obama

What did Amira do three hours after her brother was born?
a) She took him to show and tell at school.
b) She ran away from home.
c) She called her friends.
d) She took him home from the hospital with her parents.

What is the name of the organization run by Jane Goodall?
a) Roots and Shoots
b) CAI
c) Pennies for Patients
d) Pennies for Peace

What happened to Greg after he gave a magazine interview immediately after 9/11 ?
a) He received hate mail and was called a traitor.
b) He was asked to immediately return to America .
c) He was fired from the CAI for granting interviews without permission.
d) His wife told him he was wrong to grant an interview so soon after the disaster.

What did the teacher, Uzra Faizad , tell Greg that caused him to become upset?
a) She had not been paid in months.
b) She was resigning immediately.
c) There were no more children attending her school.
d) She only wanted to teach the boys because she was afraid of the Taliban.

What did Jean Hoerni want Greg to give him before he died?
a) a picture of the school he helped to get built in Korphe
b) a doctor from the states to help him get well
c) a reimbursement of the money he had given him
d) stronger medicine to help deal with the pain

What did the widows of Kuardu give Greg to bring to the widows of 9/11?
a) eggs, a traditional symbol of grief and mourning
b) a tomar, which is a badge of courage
c) flowers to symbolize sympathy
d) sympathy notes written in their native language

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