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What does astute mean?
a) Wise in a clever or practical way.
b) A choice item of food.
c) Something made up.
d) Imaginary; not real.

What does authentic mean?
a) Genuine; true.
b) No true; false.
c) Expressing a low opinion.
d) Imaginary; not real.

A _______________ is a choice item of food.
a) Delicacy
b) Figment
c) Astute
d) Authentic

A __________ comment hurts the reputation of another person.
a) Derogatory
b) Astute
c) Devour
d) Mythical

This pizza looks so delicious that I will __________ it!
a) Devour
b) Figment
c) Authentic
d) Astute

What does figment mean?
a) Something that is made up in your mind.
b) Something that is genuine or true.
c) A choice item of food.
d) Expressing a low opinion to hurt someone's reputation.

A unicorn is a _____________ creature.
a) Mythical
b) Figment
c) Derogatory
d) Authentic

Which example is a figment of someone's imagination?
a) A monster in the closest.
b) A person's pet cat.
c) A student's homework.
d) Plymouth Scholars.

True or false: Someone who is astute is good with money.
a) True
b) False

What is the antonym (opposite) of mythical?
a) Real
b) Opinion
c) False
d) Wise

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