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Which major city was founded by Spanish colonists in 1718?
a) Corpus Christi
b) El Paso
c) Laredo
d) San Antonio

Which group likely viewed the construction of new missions with suspicion?
a) Catholic priests
b) American Indian tribes
c) Conquistadors
d) Anglo (white) settlers

Which economic activity thrived in Central Texas?
a) Mining
b) Farming
c) Ranching
d) Shipping

Why did the Spanish decide to move LaBahia to the Guadalupe River?
a) They needed a fresh water source
b) They were threatened by the French
c) They were dealing with conflicts from American Indians
d) They needed more land to graze the cattle

Who founded the area that is now called Laredo?
a) Jose de Escandon
b) Francisco Hidalgo
c) Antonio Margil de Jesus
d) Fray Damian Massanet

How did Spanish missions in East Texas adapt to their environment?
a) The mission was built with the door facing north.
b) The mission was built to withstand a hurricane.
c) The mission was made with natural resources in the area.
d) The mission was located near good farm land.

List the elements of a mission
a) Soldiers and guns
b) Jail and hospital
c) Ships and supplies
d) Indian quarters and a church

How did the Spanish missionaries adapt to the environment?
a) They buried their dead in the cemetery
b) They farmed the land and stored the grain
c) They built an open courtyard in the center
d) The exercised on a walking path

Missions and presidio building was influenced by what?
a) Rivers
b) Mountains
c) Cities
d) Heavy Rainfall

What year did Pineda map the coastline of Texas?
a) 1519
b) 1607
c) 1658
d) 1718

What is a generalization about the establishment of towns?
a) Towns were mainly located along the Rio Grande
b) Towns were located around mountains
c) Towns were built before the missions
d) Towns tended to grow near the location of missions and predidios

Why did Massanet and De Leon want to lead a successful expedition into East Texas ?
a) settlers were going missing
b) slaved were rebelling in the region
c) Indians were attacking in the region
d) fear of the French settling in the region

Who was the Spanish priest who wanted to work with the French to rebuild East Texas missions?
a) Jose de Escandon
b) Francisco Hidalgo
c) Antonio Margil de Jesus
d) Fray Damian Massanet

Who was looking for the mouth of the Miss. River and landed at Matagorda Bay?
a) La Salle
b) Cortes
c) Cabeza de Vaca
d) Coronado

What motivated European Explorers to investigate the Americas?
a) Gold, Glory, God
b) To spread Democracy
c) To leave overcrowded cities
d) To leave a bad king

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