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Which of the following does NOT change as you go deeper in the ocean
a) The temperature decreases
b) The pressure increases
c) The temperature increases
d) The amount of light decreases

Where is the Gulf Stream located
a) Off the east coast of Africa
b) Off the west coast of North America
c) Off the east coast of North America
d) In the gulf of Mexico

What location is likely to have the greatest amount of pressure?
a) The ocean trench
b) The continental slope
c) The mid ocean ridge
d) The abyssal plain

Which of the following BEST describes the ocean seafloor
a) is always a flat bed of sand
b) has mountain, plains and ridges like land surfaces
c) is covered by the same abount of water everywhere
d) covers less area than land

Which of the following oceans has the lowest salinity
a) The Pacific Ocean
b) The Atlantic Ocean
c) The Indian Ocean
d) The Artic Ocean

What technology do boats use to tell the distance from the surface of the water to the ocean floor?
a) Radio
b) Sound
c) Sonar
d) Morse code

What do we call the life found in the oceans?
a) Plankton
b) Phytoplankton
c) Zooplankton
d) Marine Organisms

What is the name of the deepest trench in the world?
a) Mommy Trench
b) Mariana Trench
c) Water Trench
d) The Great Trench

What do you call the up and down movement of water caused by the wind?
a) Tides
b) Waves
c) Currents
d) Sediments

Where would you find an abundance of plankton?
a) Abyssal plain
b) Ocean trench
c) Seamount
d) Continental shelf

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