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Another word for extremely large is...
a) monstrous
b) glistening
c) whirring
d) greedy

Glistening means...
a) monstrous
b) shining; glittering
c) disgusting
d) surprising

Whirring means...
a) to make a low, humming sound
b) ridiculous; unreasonable
c) extremely large
d) selfish

When something does not make sense it is...
a) whirring
b) glistening
c) nonsense
d) greedy

Repulsive means...
a) shining; glittering
b) absurd
c) disgusting
d) when something does not make sense

Greedy means...
a) extremely large
b) selfish
c) to make a low, humming sound
d) crazy

Another word for surprising is...
a) glistening
b) greedy
c) monstrous
d) astonishing

What word means crazy?
a) whirring
b) dotty
c) repulsive
d) astonishing

Absurd means...
a) surprising
b) dotty
c) ridiculous; unreasonable
d) greedy

How many Golden Tickets did Willy Wonka put out?
a) 10
b) 3
c) 4
d) 5

Why does Wonka close his factory?
a) spies
b) his candy went bad
c) he turned old
d) nobody was buying his candy

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