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Mesopotamia was called the land between two _______.
a) Trees
b) Rivers
c) Mountains

Why was it important that Hammurabi's code was written down?
a) So people could see it and remember the rules
b) So peple could sing and dance to it
c) So people could act it out

Who were the people who could read and write in Mesopotamia?
a) Teachers
b) Scribes
c) Policemen

The ________ in Mesopotamia is fertile.
a) water
b) land
c) sky

Fertile means land is good for ________.
a) cows
b) frogs
c) plants

King Hammurabi wrote a code of ________ for Mesopotamia.
a) laws
b) songs
c) riddles

The scribes wrote on ________ in Mesopotamia.
a) paper
b) chalkboards
c) clay

Cuneiform was the type of ______ in Mesopotamia.w
a) singing
b) writing
c) dancing

What were the ways the people of Mesopotamia were different than the cavemen?
a) They planted food.
b) They built buildings.
c) They wrote with words.
d) All of the above.

Why is Mesopotamia the Cradle of Civilization?
a) It is where the first civilization started
b) It is where the first frogs started to jump
c) It is where the first dog started barking

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