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Most of the Union was ___________ meaning it had many factories and leading industries
a) urban
b) rural
c) suburban
d) northest

Southern _________________ wanted to keep slaves so that they had many people to work on their land.
a) plantation owners
b) soldiers
c) leaders
d) presidents

The election of ________________ in ____________ led many states to want to leave the union
a) Lincoln 1860
b) Lincoln 1865
c) Kennedy 1960
d) Davis 1861

The _______________________ helped Grant win the war.
a) Anaconda Plan
b) ocean
c) Europe
d) diseases

The real person that we learned about mailing himself to freedom from slavery was
a) Henry Box Brown
b) Nancy Brown
c) John Brown
d) Abe Brown

The author of the book said to spark The Civil War was
a) Harriett Beecher Stowe
b) Margaret Mitchell
c) Tony Rolland
d) Fort Sumter

The first cannons fired the beginning of the war happened at
a) Fort Sumter South Carolina
b) Pawley's Island New York
c) Daniel's Cove Georgia
d) Fort Vicksburg Mississippi

Pickett's charge failed at the three day battle of
a) Gettysburg
b) Vicksburg
c) Bull Run
d) Antietam

All of the following except ___________ were causes of the Civil War
a) military strategies
b) economic choices based on need and tariffs
c) states rights vs federal government strength
d) if slavery were a moral and necessary act for any state

The American Civil War was followed by the time known as
a) Reconstruction
b) Sherman's March
c) Grant's presidency
d) The Rise of the Confederacy

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