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Where was the pie made?
a) Wyoming
b) Key West
c) Orlando
d) Missisippi

a) Mild Tropical
b) Warm
c) Hot
d) Cold

Ethnic Background
a) Mostly Whites
b) Mostly Blacks
c) Diverse
d) Mostly Hispanic

a) Beef
b) Keys
c) Pie
d) Oil

a) 1st largest
b) 2nd largest
c) 3rd largest
d) 4th largest

a) Hurricanes
b) Robberies
c) Murder
d) Weed

a) October 23
b) Dec 25
c) Nov 25
d) Dec 29

How many recipes
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

Where is the Keys
a) Florida
b) Georgia
c) Virginia
d) Wisconsin

Economy depicted by?
a) People
b) Manufacturing
c) Fish
d) Pies

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