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A main focus of Sociology is the study of _________.
a) relationships
b) science
c) cognitive functions
d) history

The social science that deals with the behavior and thinking of organisms is
a) history
b) economics
c) psychology
d) sociology

Who was the speaker on the TED Talk involving social networks?
a) Durkheim
b) Christakis
c) Miller
d) Marx

Who coined the term sociology to describe the study of society?
a) Spencer
b) Durkheim
c) Johnson
d) Comte

Which of the following was not a reason provided for transference in the TED video The Hidden Influence of Social Networks?
a) assimilation
b) confounding
c) homophily
d) induction

Which television sit-com did we watch to discuss the impact and importance of folkways?
a) CSI
b) The Office
c) Parks and Rec
d) The Voice

People who view society as a set of interrelated parts that work together to produce a stable social system are said to employ the _________ perspective.
a) conflict
b) interactionist
c) manifest
d) functionalist

The physical objects that people create and use form a group’s
a) material culture
b) non-material culture
c) societal norms
d) folkways

The tendency to view one’s own culture and group as superior is called
a) synergy
b) mores
c) ethnocentrism
d) cultural relativism

The game of basketball is considered
a) culture complex
b) culture trait
c) culture outlier
d) culture pattern

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