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This includes journals, diaries, and autobiographies.
a) Primary and secondary sources
b) Primary sources
c) Secondary sources
d) G.I.S.

The Mississippi River did what....
a) It was a barrier to travel and stopped the English going east.
b) It was used for transportation north and south.
c) It involved layers of data.
d) It was parallel to the equator.

The colony of Pennsylvania was settled because....
a) To take away the land of the natives.
b) To allow all people of all religions to settle.
c) To find gold, silver, and furs.
d) To limit Catholic influences.

Which best describes the movement of people...
a) Natives moved east after winning the battle of Fallen Timbers.
b) The Middle Passage sent Africans to North America.
c) Germans settled in the southern colonies.
d) The Dutch set up workshops throughout the west.

Citizens in the colonies included....
a) Women and natives.
b) Men who owned property and could vote.
c) The governor who was elected by the people.
d) The right to healthcare for all.

Mercantilism included...
a) sending raw materials (tobacco, cotton) to the colonies
b) sending manufactured goods to England
c) sending raw materials (tobacco, cotton) to England
d) sending raw materials to the colonies

Triangular Trade included...
a) slaves going to New England
b) raw materials going to Africa
c) raw materials going to New England
d) manufactured goods going to the W. Indies

An unintended consequence included...
a) The south began with wheat but switched to indigo.
b) Roanoke began to look for gold but switched to fur.
c) South Carolina began to grow rice and switched to sugar cane.
d) Jamestown began to look for gold but switched to tobacco.

One reason that Africans were NOT selected as slaves was...
a) They had a history of farming.
b) They resisted European diseases.
c) They found it hard to run away.
d) They often died of small pox.

The result of the French and Indian War was...
a) England won and took all land east of the Mississippi.
b) France won and got Louisiana and Canada.
c) It was a tie and the borders stayed the same.
d) England won but let France keep most of its colonies.

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