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Slaves trying to escape during the Stono Rebellion were attempting to run to...
a) French Florida
b) French Canada
c) Spanish Florida
d) Spanish Canada

System used to have the colonies make England rich
a) Importing goods
b) Encomienda
c) Mercantilism
d) Double Jeopardy

Naval Stores is...
a) Pitch and tar
b) Rice
c) Indigo
d) Walmart

Low Country is to Rich Planters as the Back Country is to
a) Rich Planters
b) Middle Class Factory Workers
c) Free Blacks
d) Poor Whites

Group of vigilantes took law into their own hands during
a) Regulator Movement
b) Civil Rights Movement
c) Boxer Rebellion
d) Batman Returns

Regulators took a little too much power but at first they just wanted
a) a system to control slaves
b) to not pay any taxes
c) free health care
d) courts to provide justice

Which of the following led to the downfall of the Lord Proprietors?
a) They charged a high quitrent
b) Did not protect the colonies from attackers
c) Did not allow colonists freedom of religion
d) Forced colonists to move off their land

One benefit to the Royal Colony was the King could offer a subsidy, a subsidy is ....
a) a person who works when you are sick
b) extra money offered to do a job
c) a train that travels from farm to farm
d) the name of food only found in England

Leafy gold is ...
a) Rice
b) Indigo
c) Cotton
d) Tobacco

When slaves were taken from Africa to the new world across the ocean it was refereed to as what
a) The Middle Passage
b) The Golden Gate
c) The Trail of Tears
d) A bad time

While growing rice near the coast of South Carolina slaves created their own culture known as ...
a) Afro-Americanism
b) Gullah
c) Grass Roots
d) Slave Code

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