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You take a spectroscope outside one night to look at a star. The colors that you see can tell you the star's
a) Composition
b) Size
c) Gravity
d) Brightness

Light is the only form of energy that is
a) Made by the sun
b) Electromagnetic
c) Visible
d) Formed by waves

The scientist who first proposed the Heliocentric Solar System is
a) Newton
b) Copernicus
c) Galileo
d) Ptolemy

A pulsar could be discovered using a9n0
a) Spectroscope
b) Computer
c) Optical Telescope
d) Radio Telescope

Different forms of energy have different
a) Wavelengths
b) Chemicals
c) Colors
d) Size

When the bug on the water moves toward the shore, the waves are squeezed together in front of the bug. This is an example of the
a) Red Shift
b) Law of Gravity
c) Doppler Effect
d) Laws of Motion

Astronomers viewing light from distant galaxies observe a shift of spectral lines toward the red endow the visible spectrum. This shift provides evidence that
a) Orbital velocities of stars are decreasing
b) The universe is expanding
c) Earth's atmosphere is warming
d) The Sun is cooling

The color of the spectrum with the smallest wavelength
a) Blue
b) Red
c) Violet
d) Indigo

You probably would not need a radio telescope to find
a) Big objects
b) Dark objects
c) Far away objects
d) Hidden objects

Scientists think that there is a galaxy hidden inside a cloud of gas. What kind of instrument would be used to find the Galaxy?
a) Optical telescope
b) Refracting telescope
c) Spectroscope
d) Radio telescope

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