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Average speed is found by dividing______________.
a) speed over direction
b) distance over direction
c) speed over time
d) distance over time

If Jerome runs 50 meters in 10 seconds, his average speed is_____________.
a) 60 m/s
b) 60 mph
c) 5 m/s
d) 40 m/s

If Aaron runs 10 meters in 5 seconds, his average speed is_____________.
a) 5 m/s
b) 50 m/s
c) 2 mph
d) 2 m/s

When a car slows down, it is a________acceleration.
a) positive
b) negative
c) centripetal
d) different

If Maria is walking 2 m/s east on a bus going 12 m/s east, her velocity is____________.
a) 14 m/s east
b) 14 m/s west
c) 10 m/s east
d) 10 m/s west

If Sara is running 10 m/s north on a treadmill going 11 m/s south, her velocity is____________.
a) 21 m/s north
b) 21 m/s south
c) 1 m/s south
d) 1 m/s north

Acceleration in a circle is___________acceleration.
a) average
b) positive
c) negative
d) centripetal

When a car speeds up, it is a________acceleration.
a) positive
b) negative
c) centripetal
d) average

A fan is always accelerating because it is always_______________
a) moving forward
b) changing reference points
c) changing direction
d) changing speed

Velocity is like speed, but it must include a (an)____________.
a) negative
b) direction
c) circle
d) acceleration

Speed is measured in:
a) meters per second (m/s)
b) miles per hour (mi/h)
c) centimeters (cm)
d) newtons (n)

When an object changes velocity.
a) acceleration
b) centripetal
c) average velocity
d) average speed

The speed of an object in a particular direction.
a) speed
b) direction
c) motion
d) velocity

If Ben runs six meters in two seconds, his average speed is_____________.
a) 12 mph
b) 12 m/s
c) 3 m/s
d) 3 mph

In order to find the speed of an object, one must know the__________________.
a) time and average
b) speed and time
c) distance and direction
d) distance and time

In order to see motion, one needs a___________.
a) velocity
b) reference point
c) average speed
d) negative acceleration

An object that appears to stay in one place while another is moving.
a) velocity
b) motion point
c) reference point
d) average speed

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