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A political system in which the government owns all property and dominates all aspects of life in a country.
a) Isolationism
b) Communism
c) Democracy
d) Capitalism

The U.S. policy to stop the spread of communism. The US had to use military and non military actions to stop the spread.
a) Isolationism
b) Imperialism
c) Roosevelt Doctrine
d) Containment

The competition between the U.S. and Soviet Union for supremacy in nuclear warfare. Both countries tried to have the largest nuclear arsenals.
a) Nuclear Arms Race
b) Space Race
c) The Vietnam War
d) Age of Exploration

A secret U.S. project for the construction of the atomic bomb.
a) Project Z
b) Nevada Project
c) Manhattan Project
d) The Holocaust

The period after the Second World War marked by rivalry and tension between the two nuclear superpowers, the United States and the communist government of the Soviet Union.
a) The Hot War
b) The Cold War
c) Revolutionary War
d) Age of Tension

The United States and the U.S.S.R. during the Cold War were considered...
a) Super States
b) Best Friends
c) The Big Three
d) Super Powers

An economic system based on private property and free enterprise.
a) Isolationism
b) Communism
c) Dictatorship
d) Capitalism

A plan that the US came up with to revive war-torn economies of Europe. This plan offered $13 billion in aid to western and Southern Europe.
a) Marshall Plan
b) Operation Europe
c) D-Day
d) Berlin Airlift

(North Atlantic Treaty Organization) U.S., Britain, France, and other Western European nations formed a military alliance: attack upon one nation is attack upon all.
a) Warsaw Pact
b) Triple Alliance
d) Treaty of Friendship

Conflict that began with North Korea's invasion of South Korea and came to involve the United Nations (primarily the United States) allying with South Korea and the People's Republic of China allying with North Korea.
a) American Civil War
b) Vietnam War
c) Korean War
d) World War I

A prolonged war (1954-1975) between the communist armies of North Vietnam who were supported by the Chinese and the non-communist armies of South Vietnam who were supported by the United States.
a) World War II
b) Vietnam War
c) Korean War
d) Chinese War for Independence

Americans feared that the Soviet Union hoped to spread communism all over the world, overthrowing both democratic and capitalist institutions as it went.
a) Yellow Scare
b) The Black Plague
c) Isolationism
d) The Second Red Scare

The term associated with Senator Joseph McCarthy who led the search for communists in America during the early 1950s through his leadership in the House Un-American Activities Committee.
a) Josephism
b) McCarthyism
c) The Blue Scare
d) Internment

In 1962 Cuba's ally, the Soviet Union, placed nuclear missiles in Cuba, threatening the U.S. President Kennedy responded with a blockade of Cuba. This tense situation almost led to nuclear war.
a) Bay of Pigs Invasion
c) Cuban Missile Crises
d) Disaster at Sea

Communist governments in Eastern Europe and the USSR collapsed resulting in a lessening of tensions between the US and the USSR
a) End of the Cold War
b) Good Morning Vietnam
c) Start of the Cold War
d) The Roaring 20s

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