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recess, The children played basketball during recess
a) a time for rest and rlaxing
b) to stop a trial
c) to take a break
d) a secret or hidden place

operate, The doctor will need to operate to remove the girl's tonsils.
a) To perform surgery
b) to do a certain job
c) to have a military action
d) to cause something to work

stub, Be careful that you do not stub you toe in the dark.
a) to strike against and object
b) a tree stump
c) part of a ticket
d) to pull up by the roots.

connected, The garage is connected to the house.
a) joined
b) transferred
c) hit successfully
d) had a special bond

appeal, The criminal made an appeal to the judge.
a) a sincere request
b) to like something
c) attraction
d) to charge with a crime

inflated, The girl inflated the tire before attempting to ride her bicycle.
a) filled with air
b) fized with a patch
c) placed water inside
d) cleaned with soap

gradually, Isabell gradually figured out how to solve her problem.
a) usually
b) quickly
c) little by little
d) with great effort

beckoned, Zaniya beckoned to her brother to peek at the baby birds in the nest.
a) sang
b) looked
c) laughed
d) signaled

prodded, The teacher prodded her students to do a science fair project.
a) pushed
b) asked
c) guessed
d) wished

scanned, I scanned the crowd to see if I could find my friends.
a) shouted at
b) examined closely
c) guessed the size of
d) asked questions about

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