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The brown accessory pigment found in brown algae is phycobilln.
a) True
b) False

Members of the phylum Rhodophyta contain the accessory pigment phycobilln.
a) True
b) False

The life cycles of many algae include both a diploid and haploid generation.
a) True
b) False

Which of the following is algae's most important contribution to humans?
a) as a source for medicinal drugs
b) as a photosynthesizer
c) as a source for industrial chemicals
d) as a direct food source for humans

Why are algae considered one of the most important groups of organisms on our planet?
a) They produce much of the earths oxygen through photosynthesis
b) They produce chemicals that are used to make plastics, waxes, and paints
c) They are rich in vitamin C
d) They produce chemicals that are used to treat health problems

An example of a multicellular green algae is
a) ulva
b) volvox
c) fucus
d) Chlamydomonas

An argument that does NOT support the classification of multicellular green algae as plants is that multicellular green algae
a) have specialized tissues
b) contain chlorophyll a. which makes them green
c) display alternation of generations
d) live primarily in water

Many algae switch back and forth between diploid and haploid stages during their life cycle in a process known as
a) fusion of opposite mating types
b) sexual reproduction
c) alternation of generations
d) asexual reproduction

Some products derived from algae include
a) drugs for stomach ulcers and high blood pressure
b) chemicals in plastics, waxes, paints, and lubricants
c) thickeners for food
d) all of these

Red algae lack flagella and
a) nuclei
b) centrioles
c) chlorphyl
d) accessory pigments

In the life cycle of the green algae Ulva, one of the phases produces male and female gametes known as
a) zoospores
b) sporophytes
c) gametophytes
d) spores

What characteristics of green plants is shared by green algae?
a) multicellularity
b) photosynthetic pigments
c) cell wall composition
d) all of the above

The phylum of multicellular algae most likely to be observed at great depths is
a) Phaeophyta
b) Rhodophyta
c) Chlorophyta
d) none of the above

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