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How many paragraphs should you have in your Personal Narrative?
a) 3 to 5
b) 7
c) 5
d) 5 to 7

How many sentences are in a paragraph?
a) 3
b) 6
c) 7-9
d) 5-7

What are the steps in the writing process?
a) Prewrite, revise, publish
b) prewrite, write, publish, edit
c) prewrite, write, revise, edit, publish
d) prewrite, revise, edit, publish

Which Hook is NOT a Hook that we learned this year?
a) Question
b) Body
c) Setting
d) Dialogue

What are transition words?
a) Transition words help the reader follow the time order of an essay.
b) Transition words are creative endings to sentences.
c) Transition words help the writer end the conclusion.
d) Transition words are the number of words in a paragraph.

What is a narrative?
a) The introduction
b) The body paragraphs
c) A story
d) The conclusion

What should be included in a narrative?
a) The beginning, middle and an ending
b) hooks and conclusions only
c) The start, the beginning, middle, conclusion and an ending
d) Hooks, middles, conclusions and an ending

When asked to use Sensory Details, one should do what?
a) Include touch, taste, smell, hear, see
b) Include touch, hook and conclusion
c) Include smell and touchy feelings
d) Include introduction, body and conclusion

What type of Hook is this - When was the last time you spent the day with your amazing grandparents?
a) Dialogue
b) Question
c) Setting
d) Sound

Which of these words show emotion?
a) touch, taste, smell, see, hear
b) proud, sadness, joy, love, irate
c) before, after, next, second
d) happiness, later, sadness, play

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