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How much has median income change in the last year?
a) -10%
b) +5%
c) +2%
d) -3%

Who is the Democratic nominee for President?
a) Hillary Clinton
b) Joe Biden
c) Bernie Sanders
d) Bill Clinton

How many retired NFL players are suspected to have some form of brain trauma?
a) 1/2
b) 3/4
c) 2/5
d) 1/3

How much money is estimated to be spent on the presidential election this year?
a) $1 million
b) $500 million
c) $1 billion
d) $624 million

Where was there a gas pipeline leak in the United States?
a) Alabama
b) Minnesota
c) South Dakota
d) Oregon

What Syrian city has been hit the hardest by the Syrian civil war?
a) Damascus
b) Aleppo
c) Tartus
d) Zabadinni

Which of the following restaurants received an A+ rating?
a) In-N-Out Burger
b) McDonald's
c) Subway
d) Chipotle

What makes Florida a swing state?
a) Diversity
b) Disney World
c) Swamps
d) Cape Canaveral

What is the cancer-causing compound that has been found in studied water supplies in the US?
a) Arsenic
b) Chromium-6
c) Nickel
d) Asbestos

Who is moderating the first presidential debate?
a) Megyn Kelly
b) John Oliver
c) Trevor Noah
d) Lester Holt

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