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What do the G's in PEGGS stand for?
a) Government and Geography
b) Geology and Geometry
c) Geography and Geneology
d) Grains and Government

The discovery of what enabled humans to cook food and stay warm?
a) Tools
b) Water
c) Fire
d) Oven

The Egyptian civilization existed in what river valley?
a) Yellow
b) Indus
c) Tigris and Euphrates
d) Nile

Mesopotamia means?
a) Land between the rivers
b) Land of milk and honey
c) Land of early people
d) Land of civilization

What does the S in PEGGS stand for?
a) Society
b) Sociology
c) Science
d) Sports

Where was the Olmec civilization located?
a) Mesoamerica
b) North America
c) South America
d) Minnesota

What alphabet is the basis of our alphabet today?
a) Sumerian
b) Greek
c) Incan
d) Phoenician

What was the main river in the Indus valley?
a) Ganges
b) Yellow
c) Mississippi
d) Nile

The invention of what allowed early humans to settle down and become sedentary?
a) Animals
b) Fire
c) Agriculture
d) Iron

What does the E in PEGGS stand for?
a) Economics
b) Earth
c) Eating
d) Enterprise

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