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When Sam went to the doctor for her allergy shot, the doctor rubbed alcohol on her arm before he gave her the shot, now just the smell of alcohol makes her anxious. This can be explained by:
a) Classical Conditioning
b) Observational Learning
c) Operant Conditioning
d) None of the answers

Jeremiah's mother sent him to the store and told him 12 items to get. He didn't write them down and when he got to the store he had some retrieval problems. Jeremiah is most likely to remember the items _____________ of the list.
a) at the beginning
b) in the middle
c) none of the words
d) in the middle and at the end

Knowing addition facts is an example of:_________________memory.
a) echoic
b) prodecural
c) espiodic
d) semantic

Kimberly was bit by a dog and then scratched by a cat and now she is afraid of all animals. This is an example of:
a) generalization
b) extincition
c) discrimination
d) none of the answers

The sequencing in our memory system is:
a) engram, icon, bit
b) encoding, chunking, iconing
c) icon, bit, engram
d) chunk, bit, engram

In classical conditioning, learned behavior occurs when...
a) CS...CR
b) UCS...UCR
c) UCS...CR
d) None of the answers

The time it takes to associate NS with UCS is called
a) acquistion
b) discrimination
c) extinction
d) none of the answers

Not responding to similar stimuli is called....
a) generalization
b) discrimination
c) extincition
d) none of the answers

Behavior that happens naturally (unlearned) is called...
a) UCS...UCR
b) CS...CR
c) UCS...CR
d) None of the answers

Responding to similar stimuli is called...
a) Generalization
b) Acquistion
c) Extinction
d) None of the answers

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