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This term describes a body of water that is wide and deep enough for ships to travel through
a) autobahn
b) navigable
c) navigatable
d) network

This term describes the bringing together of Germany under one goverment after the fall of the Berlin Wall
a) federal republic
b) communist state
c) holocaust
d) reunification

These mountains lie on the border between France & Spain
a) The Pyrenees
b) The Alps
c) The Mittleland
d) The Andes

This river begins in the alps and winds through Germany, Austria, and several other countries in Europe
a) The Rhone
b) The Seine
c) The Danube
d) The Rhine

This capital is known as "The City of Lights"
a) Berlin
b) Paris
c) Bern
d) Vienna

Thanks to its location in the Alps this country has been able to practice Neutrality for more than 500 years
a) France
b) Austria
c) Germany
d) Switzerland

This river flows through the capital city of France
a) The Seine
b) The Rhine
c) The Danube
d) The Rhone

While divided by the Berlin Wall, EAST Germany was a....
a) federal republic
b) democratic republic
c) communist state
d) parliamentary democracy

The Autobahn is an unique aspect of Germany's.....
a) reunification
b) infrastructure
c) economy
d) government

France is the _________________ exporter of food in the world.
a) largest
b) second-largest
c) urban
d) smallest

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