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Jenna flips a coin 10 times. Seven times it landed on heads and three times it landed on tails. Jenna concludes that coins always land on heads more than tails. Jenna might be wrong because
a) Her sample size is too small to be valid.
b) It violates Newton's third law of motion.
c) She should only flip the coin twice.
d) She did not state a hypothesis.

Two students think that winter thunderstorms are always followed by snow. How could they test their hypothesis?
a) Measure the snowfall after the first thunderstorm.
b) Look at weather data for the past week.
c) Analyze winter weather data for the past five years.
d) Download a video on thunderstorms to watch.

Which of these statements is a hypothesis?
a) Flossing has been proven to reduce cavities in children's teeth.
b) Many infectious diseases are caused by bacteria.
c) Generally anything that removes bacteria from your mouth is a good thing.
d) If I floss my teeth daily then I should get less cavities than someone who does not floss his teeth.

Which one of these processes requires a gain in energy?
a) dissolving
b) condensing
c) melting

The ball was a measured mass of 113 grams. This statement is
a) an inference
b) an opinion
c) a prediction
d) an observation

Water heated in a beaker turns to steam. Why does this happen?
a) Salt was added to the water.
b) The water molecules gained energy and moved faster and farther apart.
c) The water molecules lost energy and moved slower and got closer together.

What is between the particles of air?
a) more air
b) oxygen
c) nothing, just space
d) water

A solid will change state to a liquid when
a) heat energy is lost.
b) heat energy is added.

Which set of data would be best displayed on a bar graph?
a) comparison of the height of different plants
b) how tall one plant grows over time.
c) how a person spends his allowance.

A beachball floats on water because
a) it is less dense than water.
b) it is more dense than water.
c) it doesn't float at all.

The marble is 5 grams. This is a measure of
a) length
b) mass
c) volume,

Sam recorded that the roses were red. That data is
a) biased.
b) qualitative
c) quantitative.

Which statement is true?
a) Anything you buy at the store is safe to se.
b) Household products can be dangerous.

We measure mass with
a) a graduated cylinder.
b) a meter stick.
c) a scale.

We measure volume with a
a) graduated cylinder.
b) a meter stick.
c) a scale.

If a chemical is toxic its label should read
a) Keep away from flame.
b) Harmful or fatal if swallowed.
c) irritating to eyes.

Because some chemicals are corrosive
a) we wear aprons and goggles during lab.
b) we don't use fire during lab.
c) we don't eat in lab.

We have a fire extinguisher in the classroom because some chemicals are
a) corrosive
b) flammable
c) poisonous
d) toxic

We do not dispose of all hemicals down the drain or in the garbage because
a) It takes too mch water to dilute it.
b) Liquids don't belong in the garbage.
c) chemicals can contaminate our water supply.

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