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The main evidence presented against accused witches in Salem Village was the:
a) Sudden increase in birth defects among livestock
b) The raving testimony of young girls
c) Solar eclipse of that year
d) Unexplained deaths

Most of the accused witches in Salem were:
a) The sons and brothers of older women
b) Middle-aged or older women
c) Raving young ladies
d) Middle-aged or older men

How many people, including the husbands of some of the convicted witches, met their fate on the gallows due to the Salem witchcraft hysteria?
a) 3
b) 19
c) 91
d) 71

Why did the Salem witch trials occur?
a) The desire for a Puritan religious utopia
b) The odd behavior and testimnoy of local young girls
c) All the answers are correct
d) The existence of autonomous women who defied the traditional gender roles of the time

What was spectral evidence?
a) Testimony given by church officials
b) Evidence based on the visions or dreams of the accusers
c) An oath taken before a witchcraft trial
d) A statement of guilt given by the accused witch

How many people were accused of witchcraft AND how many were executed for it during the Salem witch trails?
a) 19; 3
b) 165; 165
c) 1165; 200
d) 165; 20

Which of the following terms refers to the imitation of an accused witch's movements?
a) Hysteria
b) Echo-mania
c) Apparition
d) Spectral evidence

Where did the Salem witch hunts begin?
a) In the home of Sarah Good
b) In the home of Reverend Samuel Parris
c) In the parish of Reverend Increase Mather
d) In the local Salem Church

Who spoke out against the use of spectral evidence in the Salem trials?
a) Samuel Parris
b) Increase Mather
c) Tituba
d) Rebecca Nurse

The West Indian slave who was accused of being the instigator of the 'afflicted' girls in Salem was:
a) Hannah
b) Hekedy Peg
c) Sarah Osborne
d) Tituba

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