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Which state just had a huge election for their senate seat?
a) Kansas
b) Virginia
c) Missouri
d) Massachusetts

A new airplane created runs on...
a) gas
b) coal
c) solar power
d) steam

How much money has the Red Cross raised through their text message campaign for Haiti
a) 50,000
b) 23,000,000
c) 18,000,000
d) 5,000,000

This state has had massive flooding and now the threat of mudslides
a) Kansas
b) California
c) New Mexico
d) Miane

The best search tools in Haiti have been...
a) dogs
b) humans
c) sensors
d) robots

MLKsbirthday is
a) Jan 15th
b) Jan 18th
c) Jan 21st
d) Jan 16th

A senate seat was open this week, after _______________s Death in August.
a) John F Kennedy
b) Ted Kennedy
c) Robert Smalls
d) Ben Bilick

Haiti is...
a) In South America
b) an island off of Africa
c) a Caribbean nation
d) in Asia

A song that has become "famous" thanks to America Idol this year
a) ducks in the pond
b) friends in the house
c) Pants on the Ground
d) let the dogs out

Ms. Farrell is
a) amazing
b) funny
c) my hero
d) all of the above :)

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