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Jello is an example of a
a) solution
b) suspension
c) colloid
d) n/a

Lemonade is an example of a
a) solution
b) suspension
c) colloid
d) n/a

Salad dressing is an example of a
a) solution
b) suspension
c) colloid
d) n/a

The law of conservation of mass states
a) what goes up must come down.
b) matter cannot be created or destroyed.
c) matter can be created but cannot be destroyed.
d) Mrs. Jones' students smell funny. :P

A 30 g object with a volume of 6 m3 has a density of __________.
a) 5 kg/m3
b) 10 kg/m3
c) 180 kg/m3
d) 36 kg/m3

Which of the following is not a physical property?
a) color
b) odor
c) state of matter
d) flammability

__________ form entirely different substances.
a) physical changes
b) chemical changes
c) n/a
d) n/a

An example of a chemical change in matter is a(n)
a) twig breaking
b) egg frying
c) ice cube meltin
d) plate cracking

The displacement method could be used to find the
a) mass of an object
b) weight of a gas
c) volume of a liquid
d) volume of a solid

Which statement is true about any element?
a) It has a unique set of properties.
b) It is different from all other elements.
c) It can be identified on the basis of its properties.
d) All of the above

Which of the following is a chemical property of matter?
a) ability to conduct heat
b) freezing point
c) boiling point
d) reactivity

A given mass weighs less on the moon than on Earth due to
a) the tilt of the Earth
b) gravity
c) volume
d) density

Examples of matter include
a) dirt
b) fog
c) air
d) all of the above

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