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Currently (as always), the best team in baseball is:
a) the St. Louis Cardinals.
b) the Chicago Cubs.
c) the Los Angeles Dodgers.
d) the New York Yankees.

This year's homecoming theme is:
a) Alice in Wonderland
b) Pirates of the Caribbean
c) Starry, Starry Night
d) The Three Bears

The football team will be facing what school this evening?
a) Marion Wildcats
b) Cobden Appleknockers
c) Du Quoin Indians
d) Cahokia Comanches

We are in room:
a) H106
b) G105
c) H108
d) J114

How many stripes are on the American flag?
a) 50
b) 20
c) 5
d) 13

The 12th president of the United States was:
a) James Polk
b) Zachary Taylor
c) Millard Fillmore
d) Franklin Pierce

The Illinois state fish is the:
a) bluegill.
b) bass.
c) asian carp.
d) rainbow trout.

On class color day (homecoming week), teachers are asked to wear:
a) black.
b) white.
c) tie-dye.
d) plaid.

Carbondale High colors are
a) blue and gold.
b) black and white.
c) red and yellow.
d) orange and green.

Today's date is:
a) September 23, 2016
b) August 22, 2015
c) September 21, 2016
d) September 25, 2016

What is the weather like today?
a) Hot
b) Really hot
c) cold
d) miserable

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