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Appointment of a Company Secretary is made by
a) Promoters
b) Board of Directors
c) Debenture holders
d) Government

Which is the oldest form of organisation ?
a) Line
b) Line and staff
c) Functional
d) Matrix

Liability of a Company Secretary is–
a) Contractual only
b) Statutory only
c) Civil only
d) Both contractual and statutory

Standard costing is a technique of–
a) Planning
b) Organising
c) Coordination
d) Control

How is profit prior to incorporation treated as
a) Revenue reserve
b) Secret reserve
c) Capital reserve
d) General reserve

Memorandum of Association contains–
a) Objective clause
b) Name clause
c) Capital clause
d) All of the above

Who is Father of Modern Management ?
a) Elton Mayo
b) Henry Fayol
c) Chester Bernard
d) F. W. Taylo

what is principle of equity
a) treating your employess diffrently on basis of gender
b) giving equal opportunity to all
c) discriminating while dividing work

Proper utilisation of resources is
a) unity of equity
b) unity of direction
c) unity of command
d) unity of order

when one boss is giving command it is known as
a) unity of command
b) unity of direction
c) unity of equity
d) unity of order

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