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Which is an advantage of Web development standards?
a) Developers won\'t explore emerging techniques.
b) Web sites are developed more quickly.
c) User computer systems may need updating.
d) Same browser is required by all users.

Suzy uses an open source computer program that allows her to key in her XHTML code and save it so she can publish her web site. This computer program is an example of:
a) Cascading Style Sheets
b) Host Computer
c) Microsoft Expression Web2.
d) XHTML editor

Joey is writing the code for a web site that will be an educational XHTML tutorial. What website structure would be best suited for his web site?
a) Alphabetical
b) Hierarchical
c) Linear
d) Random/Webbed

Ben wants his users to be able to see an introduction and a complete menu for his web site as soon as they key his site URL. This is an example of a:
a) home page
b) initial page
c) single page site
d) splash page

What is the purpose of HTML tags?
a) Formats document for display in browser
b) Identifies important text
c) Locates parts of the document
d) Marks special parts of the document

Which HTML code would result in the words “My Web Page” displaying centered, italicized and red?

My Web Page




Which is an example of a file that would be saved in the Images folder?
a) links.doc
b) index.html
c) page2.html
d) planets.gif

Which improves web site accessibility to users with disabilities?
a) Providing text equivalents
b) Using audio only pages
c) Using large amounts of color
d) Utilizing style sheets

Suzanne visited the W3C website to test her web site. This is an example of which step accomplished prior to publishing her web site?
a) Check site in multiple browsers.
b) Validate source code.
c) Check spelling.
d) Check relative and absolute links.

Which term defines a program used to create animations?
a) Java
b) JavaScript
d) XML

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