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What was the most important difference between Muhammad's teachings and those of other Arabs?
a) Muhammad taught that they should keep all their money
b) Muhammad taught that there was only one God
c) Muhammad taught that there were many gods and goddesses
d) None of the above

Most of the Arabian Peninsula is this type of ecosystem
a) Swamp
b) Rainforest
c) Desert
d) Forest

Muhammad wanted all his followers to pray towards this city
a) Mecca
b) Medina
c) Petra
d) Cairo

The best description of the climate of the Arabian Peninsula is
a) Cold and rainy
b) Dry and cool
c) Rainy and warm
d) Hot and dry

What is the name of the Islamic holy book?
a) Ka'aba
b) Qur'an
c) Bible
d) Torah

What allowed Muslim scholars throughout the world to spread their knowledge?
a) They all were experts in mathematics
b) They all came for Cordoba
c) They all understood the Arabic language
d) They all traveled to Mecca

Which of the following is a requirement of all Muslims?
a) Must give up all of your possessions.
b) Must go to school to learn caligraphy
c) Must memorize the entire Qur'an
d) Must go on Hajj to Mecca

This important shrine was believed to be built by Abraham
a) Ka'aba
b) Qur'an
c) Mecca
d) Medina

This Islamic leader was Muhammad's successor and made Arabia into a unified muslim state
a) Mehmet
b) Ali
c) Fatima
d) Abu Bakr

What did Muhammad do when he was stressed?
a) Go to the hills to meditate
b) Go for a swim
c) Shut himself in his room and sleep
d) Take a walk

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