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When a hot plate is heated, what physical change will be observed?
a) a liquid becoming a solid
b) a solid becoming a gas
c) a gas becoming a liquid
d) a liquid becoming a gas

Which of the following describes the process of condensation?
a) Liquid water becoming a gas
b) Water vapor becoming liquid water
c) Liquid water becoming ice
d) Rain falling

Which tool measures volume?
a) Thermometer
b) Triple Beam Balance
c) Beaker
d) Spring Scale

A cork and iron nail are dropped into a container. The cork floated at the surface and the nail sank to the bottom. Which of the following is a valid conclusion based on the information provided?
a) The cork is less dense than the nail, which makes it float
b) The volume of the cork and the nail is the same
c) The cork cannot float, which makes it sink
d) The nail is less dense than the cork, which makes it sink

In a glass of water, a pebble sinks to the bottom of the glass while a lemon slice floats. Which is true?
a) The water is denser than the pebble.
b) The lemon is denser than the pebble
c) The pebble and lemon have no density
d) The pebble is denser than the water

An object that conducts electricity is a ____________.
a) toothpick
b) paperclip
c) cotton ball
d) rubber band

How well a substance dissolves is known as ________.
a) solubility
b) solution
c) mixture
d) volume

Evaporation is the process of liquid water becoming _________.
a) ice
b) water vapor
c) a liquid
d) a solid

A ______ is not magnetic but is a conductor of heat.
a) iron nail
b) piece of aluminum foil
c) toothpic
d) paperclip

Soluble means
a) melt
b) dissolve
c) freeze
d) thaw

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