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In which area did Georgia NOT show progress during the time it was a royal colony?
a) land ownership
b) growth of self-government
c) expansion of slavery
d) closer political ties with Great Britain

HIghland Scots opposed
a) Keeping close ties with Great Britain
b) Trading with the Spanish
c) Giving women the right to vote
d) Permitting slavery

What term was used to describe those who complained about the policies of the trustees?
a) dissidents
b) objectors
c) rebels
d) malcontents

German Speaking settlers came from Salzburg to Georgia to
a) obtain free land
b) be freed from debtor's prisons
c) obtain religious freedom
d) relieve overcrowding in Europe

Georgia was NOT settled in order to provide
a) A defensive border against the French and Spanish
b) More land and power for Great Britain
c) A place to offer religious freedom
d) A short route to the West Indies

Georgia's 1732 Charger did NOT include a provision that
a) Guaranteed every settler his day in court to settle differences
b) Gave the king of England control of the colony
c) Prohibited Catholics from becoming colonists
d) Banned liquor in the colony

The greatest threat to the Georgia Colony came from
a) The Indians who lived in the area
b) The area's harsh climate
c) The Spanish threat in Florida
d) New diseases

Who was the first royal governor of Georgia
a) Robert Castell
b) James Oglethorpe
c) Robert Montgomery
d) John Reynolds

Which country was NOT a major colonizer in the New World
a) France
b) Spain
c) Italy
d) Great Britain

Europeans did NOT explore the New Word in search of
a) Homes
b) Riches
c) Trade Routes
d) Spices

The economy of the Georgia in the late 1800's could best be described as
a) rural and agricultural
b) based on mining
c) based on tourism
d) urban and industrial

The Charter of 1732 established the Colony of Georgia and stated that the colony would be governed by
a) James Oglethorpe
b) A Board of Trustees
c) King George II
d) Parliament

Who was the SECOND royal governor of Georgia, under whom the colony made economic gains?
a) James Wright
b) John Reynolds
c) James Oglethorpe
d) Henry Ells

The main reason the Spanish explored North America was to
a) Make permanent settlements
b) Spread Christianity
c) Find Gold and riches
d) Fight the British

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