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What was one of the reasons for colonists being dissatisfied with the policies of the trustees during the colony's early years?
a) Colonists could not own slaves
b) Colonists were not allowed to practice their religion
c) Colonist swere not allowed to read books
d) Colonists could not pay the high taxes required of them

During the antebellum period, why was Georgia's econonmy largely dependent on slave labor?
a) Slaves were needed to work in Southern industries
b) They provided a cheap source of labor for large farms
c) River transportation requir3ed a large number of slaves
d) Slave's easily adapted to the hot southern climate

Which statement BEST describes the principles governing the colony of Georgia in 1732?
a) People of all religions were welcome to settle in Georgia
b) The government was one of America's early democracies
c) There were strict rules about land ownership and work
d) Only people who could afford to own large plantations were encouraged to settle

Which statement BEST describes the period when the Trustees ruled the colony (1733-1752)?
a) Settlers paid high taxes on rum
b) Most slaves ran away to the Carolinas
c) There was no elected assembly to make laws
d) Only English-speaking colonists could live in Georgia

How did De Soto's travels through Georgia NEGATIVELY impact the Indians who lived there?
a) Spanish soldier brought death and disease
b) Indians adopted many European customs
c) Indians joined de Soto's quest for gold
d) the soldiers lived among the Native Americans in peace

When Georgia was established, which religious group was not allowed to settle in it?
a) Jews
b) Puritans
c) Catholics
d) Protestants

Why did early colonists in GA try to maintain good relations with Indians?
a) Colonists thought they might need Indians to help them fight the Spanish
b) Colonists wanted Indians to join them in a rebellion against Great Britain
c) Colonists needed to convince Indians to give up their land without any treaties
d) Colonists wanted to make up for past hostilities between themselves and the natives

Which explorer is most associated with the exploration of Georgia?P
a) Ponce de Leon\
b) Amerigo Vespucci
c) Hernando de Soto
d) Christopher Columbus

What was a common misunderstanding that many times led to warfare between Europeans and Native Americans?
a) division of labor between men and women
b) differences about common ownership of land in North America
c) wanting a common language and culture in North America
d) Native Americans insisting that the white man adopt their customs and beliefs

Which best describes a major difference between the early Georgia settlers and the Indians?
a) Indians were nomadic, settlers sought permanent settlements
b) Indians had no spiritual beliefs, white settlers believed in an all powerful God
c) Indians practiced uncivilized warfare, white settlers used more civilized methods of warfare
d) Indians recognized no one's personal right to own property, but whites felt that the owning property was important

Under the trustees, who was allowed to settle in Georgia in Colonial times?
a) those with prison sentences
b) those selected by the trustees
c) those who could afford passage
d) those who were married with families

Who was allowed to settle in Georgia during the 1730's and 1740's?
a) Anyone who spoke English
b) Only those selected by the trustees
c) Only those who could fight the Indians
d) Anyone who could pay for passage

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