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Which hardware devices would provide sound on playback system?
a) Microphone and monitor.
b) Audio card and scanner.
c) Microphone and scanner.
d) Audio card and speakers.

Which multimedia elements will Jared need in order to produce a title consisting of objects appearing to be moving, users feel absorbed in the activity, and the users can select among several options?
a) Animation, hyperlinks, and text
b) Animation, menus, and themes
c) Animation, text, and themes
d) Animation, virtual reality, and menus

Which items attribute to multimedia overcoming earlier barriers?
a) Audio cards, faster processors, and flash jump drives.
b) Faster processors, flash jump drives, and monitors.
c) Audio cards, microphones, and flash jump drives.
d) Audio cards, faster processors, and limited internal storage.

Which is a characteristic of virtual reality?
a) Is 2-dimensional.
b) Is available in only one form.
c) Is a simulated environment.
d) Is linear.

John coordinates virtual meetings for his team members, who all live in different parts of the United States. During the meetings they all can see one another on their individual monitors. Which type of virtual reality does John coordinate?
a) Desktop
b) Telepresence
c) Immersion
d) Face-to-Face

Text can be added to animations that show it moving in different directions. In what part of an authoring program would the text change appearance?
a) Keyframe
b) Timeline
c) Stage
d) Library

Which format should be used to animate compressed still pictures?
a) GIF
b) QuickTime
c) PNG

Which source would record compressed music files in a standard format obtained over the Internet?
a) CD Player
b) Tape Recorder
c) Microphone
d) MP3 Player

Ted includes graphics in his animation projects to make the viewers sense they are part of the theme. What type of computer animation effect will viewers experience?
a) 3D Graphics
b) Morphing
c) Rollovers
d) Virtual Reality

Ned plans to include animated beach waves in his project. In what part of an authoring program will he create and customize the graphics?
a) Frame
b) Library
c) Stage
d) Timeline

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