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Each tool in the science lab has a specific purpose. Which of these tools is MOSTLY used to transfer liquid materials from one place to another?
a) balance
b) a hand lens
c) dropper
d) thermometer

Joe wonders what kinds of birds live in his neighborhood. What skill will Joe use to investigate the variety of birds in his neighborhood?
a) infer
b) observe
c) order
d) communicate

Sometimes, the results of an investigation are not what was expected. When this happens what should a scientist do?
a) Change the results
b) Defend the results as correct
c) Plan another investigation to test the results of the first one
d) Ignore the first set of results and plan a different investigation

Which of the following would be best done using repeated observation rather than an experiment?
a) Determine the average number of times during a week in May that a group of bees visits flowers
b) Determine whether a diet that includes honey every day will reduce allergies
c) determining which type of flower gives out the strongest scent
d) determining whether a bee hive is stronger than a wasp nest

Taylor made some observations and has a question he would like to answer. What should Taylor do next?
a) Form an opinion
b) analyaze evidence
c) plan and conduct an investigation
d) draw conclusions and communicate results

Which of these is the metric unit for measuring volume?
a) kilogram
b) liter
c) meter
d) ounce

Which system of measurement is generally used by scientists?
a) customary system
b) English system
c) Imperial System
d) Metric System

Which of these tools can be used to measure the volume of a material?
a) measuring cup
b) spring scale
c) balance
d) thermometer

Which of these tools would be useful for recording information?
a) balance
b) camera
c) clock
d) thermometer

Which of these tools are the MOST useful for observing the behavior of ants?
a) hand lens
b) metric ruler
c) electronic balance
d) graduated cylinder

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