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a way of learning about the natural world
a) science
b) evaluating
c) predict
d) classify

creating a representation of a complex object or process
a) model
b) qualitative
c) science
d) evaluate

making a claim about what WILL happen in the future based on evidence
a) predict
b) infer
c) classify
d) evaluate

What kind of observation deals with numbers?
a) quantitative
b) qualitative
c) sensory
d) Morse code

Which of the following do scientists use when observing?
a) senses and tools
b) tools only
c) senses only
d) models

Facts, figures and other evidence you gather during an experiment are called
a) data
b) models
c) variables
d) hypothesis

Sam states that if he uses more water then a plant with grow taller. He is stating a(n)
a) hypothesis
b) question
c) conclusion
d) observation

Emily explained what happened in her experiment and her results. She wrote her....
a) conclusion
b) hypothesis
c) questions
d) theory

Students want to test if a special fertilizer works the best to help plants grow. What would be the manipulated (independent) variable?
a) the fertilizer
b) the growth of the plant
c) the amount of water given
d) where the plant is placed

Students what to see if temperature affects the number of chirps a cricket will make. The responding (dependent) variable would be...
a) the number of chirps the crickets make
b) the temperature of the tank
c) the number of crickets used in the experiment
d) the time of day you feed the crickets

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