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How large did America’s population become in 2006
a) 100 Million
b) 200 Million
c) 300 Million
d) 400 Million

Which of the following places is the best example of an urban area?
a) a countryside
b) a small farm
c) a large city
d) a wilderness forest

What is the population of an area?
a) the total number of migrants entering or leaving an area
b) the total number of births in an area
c) the total number of people living in an area
d) the total number of deaths in an area

To distribute something means to __________.
a) put it all in one place
b) spread it throughout an area
c) put it together
d) shatter it into pieces

Which of the following rates is not a part of a total population growth rate?
a) birth rate
b) death rate
c) urbanization rate
d) migration rate

Which of the following rates measures how many children are being born in a country (in relation to the size of its population)?
a) birth rate
b) migration rate
c) urbanization rate
d) death rate

Which of the following rates measures how many people are moving to a country?
a) education rate
b) death rate
c) birth rate
d) migration rate

The two countries with the world’s largest populations are __________.
a) China and India
b) India and Pakistan
c) Brazil and the United States
d) China and the United States

The process of urbanization means that populations are moving from __________ areas to __________ areas.
a) rural . . . urban
b) newer . . . urban
c) urban . . . more expensive
d) wealthier . . . poorer

Which of the following outcomes is the best example of how health is a factor that affects population?
a) More access to medicine and doctors can help people live longer lives.
b) Better jobs and opportunities can help families care for each other.
c) Better access to education can help families provide for each other.
d) Values and traditions about family can encourage bigger families.

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