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What contains the name of the publisher and may include staff names and other related information; usually appears on page 2 of the document
a) Master Page
b) Header
c) Masthead
d) Headline

Which technique is defined as dark background and light text; used for emphasis?
a) Reverse Text
b) Title Text
c) Headline
d) Decker

What is defined as an enlarged character at the beginning of a paragraph; used to grab the reader's attention?
a) Headline
b) Textbox
c) Caption
d) Dropped Cap

A smaller self-contained story inside a larger one which may or may not be related, usually boxed with its own headline and set off from the main text is called?
a) Sidebar
b) Rules
c) Text box
d) Caption

Also called mockup, an example of how the final document should appear is defined as?
a) Format
b) Prototype
c) Master page
d) Template

A call-out, label used to identify parts of an illustration; can be in the form of a text box or a balloon.
a) Format
b) Bleed
c) Dropped Cap
d) Caption

A standard pre-formatted layout which may contain a color scheme, font scheme, pictures, and preset margins is called?
a) Grid
b) Page size
c) Template
d) Guide

Jake is preparing a print media kit for a company. To ensure consistency between all documents, he needs to prepare a:
a) Guide
b) Margin
c) Master Page
d) Prototype

Luke is working on the layout of a newsletter, a business card, and a letterhead for the Ad Lib Company. To consistently align and position the company's logo on all pages, he should use a:
a) Guide
b) Grid
c) Template
d) Margin

What are words positioned above a headline, usually as a lead-in or teaser?
a) Byline
b) Kicker
c) Pull Quote
d) Deck

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