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Though Italy's mountain areas are cold, wet, and snowy, it's climate is overall _________________.
a) temperate
b) cold
c) dry and arid
d) very hot

A boot shaped, peninsula located surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea desc
a) Germany
b) France
c) Ukraine
d) Italy

Over 90% of UK people live in ________.
a) cities
b) mountainous regions
c) farming areas
d) country areas

Over _______ of the United Kingdom is used for land.
a) 25%
b) 40%
c) 50%
d) 80%

Over 25% of the land is arable in Britain. What does arable mean?
a) fertile, good farmland
b) dry and barren
c) dry and unproductive
d) deforested

The backbone of Great Britain's industry include ____________, ship building, and steel manufacturing.
a) agriculture
b) logging
c) auto production
d) mining

Eighty percent of Britain's people work in the ___________ industry, as jobs in manufacturing and mining declines.
a) electronics
b) service
c) agricultural
d) automobile

Coal, iron ore, petroleum and, _______ are natural resources in the United Kingdom.
a) nickel
b) diamonds
c) natural gas
d) copper

What causes the United Kingdom to have a milder climate than any other country in Europe?
a) the Gulf Stream crossing the Atlantic Ocean warming the country
b) because it is located in eastern Europe
c) people burning lots of coal
d) their natural resources

Italy's natural resources include natural gas, ________, coal, granite, mercury, zinc and potash.
a) copper
b) marble
c) oil
d) diamonds

Why do people tend to move to urban areas?
a) They have something to do.
b) They find more jobs and opportunities available to them.
c) The cost of ling is cheaper.
d) The city has less air pollution.

Most people live along the Atlantic coast in
a) Brazil
b) Venezuela
c) Mexico
d) Cuba

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