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Is the outer core liquid or solid?
a) liquid
b) solid

Which layer is the hottest?
a) crust
b) mantle
c) core

Is the inner core liquid or solid?
a) solid
b) liquid

Sphere - means?
a) 3D Circle
b) 3D Square
c) 3D Triangle
d) Blue Smurfs

What happens to the amount of pressure the deeper you go into Earth?
a) decreases
b) stays the same
c) disappears
d) increases

Meso - means?
a) High
b) Low
c) Pink
d) Middle

Litho - means?
a) Liquid
b) Gas
c) Stone
d) Hot

Astheno - means?
a) Strong
b) Weak
c) Light
d) Dark

The lithosphere is comprised of ___________.
a) Crust and Core
b) Upper Mantle and the Core
c) Asthenosphere and Mesosphere
d) Crust and Upper Mantle

The mantle is divided in to what three layers?
a) Lithosphere, Asthenosphere, and Mesosphere
b) Core, Crust, Mantle
c) Lithosphere, Asthenosphere, and Core
d) High, Medium, Low

What are the two types of crust?
a) oceanic and animals
b) plants and animals
c) continental and asthenosphere
d) oceanic and continental

The layers of the Earth in order from the outside to the center are:
a) crust, core, mantle
b) core, mantle, crust
c) crust, mantle, core
d) mantle, core crust

Which layer is made of metal?
a) Crust
b) Mantle
c) Core

Which layer is made of molten rock?
a) Crust
b) Mantle
c) Core

What kind of crust is found under the ocean?
a) Oceanic
b) Continental

What type of crust if found under the continents?
a) Oceanic
b) Continental

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