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The Preamble is an ____________________ to the Constitution
a) outline
b) introduction
c) amendment
d) ending

Federalism is -
a) The separation of powers into 3 branches
b) The division of power among President and Congress
c) The division of power among city and county government
d) The division of power among state and federal governments

Sending troops to the South China Sea is a-
a) responsibility of the federal government
b) responsibility of the state government
c) responsibility of the local government
d) not a responsibility of the government

What is the purpose of the Preamble to the Constitution?
a) It reveals why the colonies declared their independence.
b) It explains why the Constitution was written.
c) It states freedom of religious beliefs and opinions.
d) It lists the grievances against the English government.

Which statement represents the goal to secure the blessings of liberty?
a) To keep the peace with in the country
b) To bring the country together
c) To protect our basic freedoms
d) To create a system of fair laws

Which statement represents the goal to ensure domestic tranquility?
a) To protect our basic freedoms
b) To keep the peace within the country
c) To maintain a healthy and safe environment
d) To protect us from outside enemies

When there is a dispute between the state and national government, which level has  higher authority?
a) State
b) State and local
c) Local
d) National

Which is not something our government does?
a) Responds to issues
b) Settles disputes
c) Nothing
d) Defends the nation

Which is not something government provides?
a) wealth
b) weather forecast
c) safe food
d) protection

Which goal of the Constitution is fulfilled if the Governors of North Carolina and South Carolina work together to solve common problems?
a) Provide for the common defense
b) Promoted the general welfare
c) Form a more perfect union
d) Establish justice

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