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The economy of the Kingdom of Kush at first was based on
a) fishing.
b) mining .
c) farming.
d) none of the above

Siddhartha Gautama was the founder of
a) Hinduism.
b) the caste system.
c) Buddhism.
d) the holy city of Varanasi.

The lower level of ancient Indian society who were given tasks seen as menial and degrading,were the
a) Brahmins.
b) untouchables.
c) Vaisyas.
d) Kishatriyas.

Buddhist shares this belief with Hinduism.
a) role of reincarnation
b) importance of the jati/castes
c) importance of Brahmin priests
d) must be worshipped as a god

The Persian empire at its height stretched from the Indus river in the east, to Egypt and ____ in the west.
a) Rome
b) France
c) Arabia
d) Greece

In Hammurabi's code, punishment generally followed the principle of retaliation, or the idea that one must.
a) give an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.
b) add insult to injury.
c) pay money to atone for wrongdoing.
d) give one’s firstborn son to one’s victim.

Buddhism shares this belief with Hinduism.
a) imporance of the jati/caste
b) importance of Brahmin priests
c) role of reincarnation
d) No answers are correct

According to the beliefs of Hinduism and Buddism, this is a force of a person's actions that will determine how a person will be reborn into a new life.
a) dharma
b) karma
c) yoga
d) jati

The term for a large political unit or state, usally under the leadership of a single leader.
a) an empire
b) a city-state
c) a code of Hammurabi
d) a satrapy

Most of the trade between the Roman Empire and China was shipped along the
a) Silk Road.
b) Highway 52.
c) Kushan Road.
d) Aryan Highway.

Ancient Indians excelled in the science of
a) biology.
b) physics.
c) chemistry.
d) astronomy.

The Aryans believed society was divided into four
a) caste.
b) nirvanas.
c) varnas.
d) None of the above

The Legalists believed that a strong ruler was need to
a) keep order
b) support Daoism.
c) maintain good trade relations.
d) show compassion.

Harmony with nature and the universal order are beliefs of
a) Confucianism.
b) Daoism.
c) Zoroastrianism.
d) the Legalists.

The invention that led to major expansion of trade in the Han period was
a) the development of fore-and aft rigging and rudders on ships.
b) the technology of papermaking.
c) the process for developing rubber.
d) textile manufacturing.

The system of walls linked by Qui Shihuangdi to help protect China was;
a) the civil division.
b) the Great Wall of China.
c) Terra Cotta.
d) the military division.

Chinese philosophies in general, are based on the principle of how people _______.
a) reach enlightenment
b) get to heaven
c) should behave
d) find wisdom

Why did the legalists advocate harsh laws and stiff punishments for keeping public order?
a) that was the best way to ensure that “superior men” would rise to the top.
b) Those were the only laws that could be administered fairly.
c) They believed people were not capable of being good.
d) They wanted strong laws so that the ruler would be free to show compassion.

What statement best describes the government of the Persian Empire?
a) a theocracy led by god king connected by ocean trade
b) a monarchy divided into regions connected by royal roads
c) an aristocracy led by a ceremonial king connected by rivers and canals
d) a direct democracy of city states connected by sea routes

Which of the following are key beliefs of Hinduism?
a) not religious, subordinate individual interests to the needs of the community
b) individual enlightenment, denial of material world, and seeking the end of suffering
c) salvation, love towards one another, and community
d) single force in the universe expressed through many gods and seeking ultimate reality

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