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Using one or more of your senses to gather information is called
a) observing.
b) experimenting
c) questioning
d) inferring

A possible explanation for a set of observations or answer to a scientific question is called a(n)
a) prediction.
b) hypothesis.
c) theory
d) law

Observations that deal with a number or amount are called
a) quantitative observations.
b) manipulated observations.
c) qualitative observations.
d) operational observations.

A well-tested explanation for a wide range of observations or experimental results is called a scientific
a) theory
b) law
c) hypothesis
d) method

When scientists put things into categories or group together items that are alike in some way, they are
a) inferring.
b) predicting.
c) classifying.
d) making models.

a hypothesis must be
a) correct.
b) manipulated.
c) controlled.
d) testable.

A summary of what you have learned from a scientific experiment is called a(n)
a) hypothesis.
b) inquiry.
c) conclusion.
d) law.

Which stage of the scientific process enables a scientist to check the work of other scientists?
a) classifying
b) concluding
c) hypothesizing
d) communicating

The work of scientists usually begins with
a) testing a hypothesis.
b) careful observations.
c) creating experiments.
d) drawing conclusions.

A student sees leaves on the tree change color. The student wonders why they are different colors. This student is displaying the scientific attitude of
a) creativity.
b) curiosity.
c) open-mindedness.
d) skepticism.

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